5 thoughts on “Scarlet Scotts, 18 yr old High School Girl

  1. Hi,

    Your doggystyle strapon videos are amazing to watch !

    If you do a next lesbian strapon video – could you add a bird’s eye POV from the girl who is doing you in doggy position – showing her doing you from the angle as she sees it.

    Also – there are no cowgirl strapon videos of you riding a strapon – I would love to see that !



    1. Hey James, Thanks for your input. I’m working on editing our video with Loni Legend right now. Loni is on top riding me in the video. There is also a funny moment with her on top of me, should be out by the end of the week. The bird’s eye pov is a great idea, I’ll incorporate it into our next shoot. We are shooting again in the middle of August. Lining up girls now. Thanks for buying my video’s. Kisses….Blair ps. I appreciate you taking the time to give me input, we’re new to this.


      1. Thanks for the reply – I forgot to add – if you do decide to do a POV Doggy strapon video – could you incorporate you wearing black stockings and suspenders – as this looks so amazing in doggy position – especially in POV.


      2. I’ll work on that for you. We are releasing our Video with Loni Legend later today. There is some cowgirl position in her scene (lesbian/strapon only scene will probably be tomorrow). Also will be releasing scene with Ziggy Starr soon. Cowgirl in that one also, I think. Filming with Olivia Wilder in a couple of weeks, will try out your suggestions then. Kiss. Blair


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